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Engineering is a vast sector with millions of job openings. The very term engineering is never enough to describe a job sector. This is because various types of engineering studies and fields are available. This is a very unique sector where the job description for an engineer from a specific field would require him or her to stay put before a computer for 10 hours, while in another specific field, he or she must be on the project site for hours. If you are in the software field, then you might have to endure stressful working hours before a gadget. If you are a civil engineer, your working hours are under the scorching sun most of the days.
If you want to pursue a career in engineering, you must explore the various fields within the sector and choose the one that you are passionate about. There are ample opportunities in each field, however, you must make a choice based on your interest and passion.
Different engineering job sectors:
  • Aerospace Engineering:
The design and structure of the aircraft are done by aerospace engineers. Also, communication, internal structure, fuel tanks, monitors and other related equipment is designed, crafted and maintained in this sector. The professionals who deal with the internal structure of airplanes are sometimes also called avionic engineers.
  • Automotive Engineering:
The process of designing, operating and manufacturing various vehicles is what an automotive engineer does. Again, this is field is as huge as an ocean. A few professionals can end up in the electrical systems related to cars, while a few can have a huge role to play in the actual production of a vehicle. This job sector has various opportunities as mentioned, and overall it is about the production of vehicles.
  • Chemical Engineering:
Various plants and machines are used to come up with solutions for everyday needs and problems. There are lots of chemical reactions involved when there is huge scale production of various products. So, there is a need to keep a tab on how the environmental resources are affected due to the outcomes of production. A chemical engineer majorly deals with these areas of production in different businesses.
  • Civil Engineering:
This is one of the oldest engineering niches. A professional who deals with the construction of various structures is a civil engineer. Consulting and contracting are two types of civil engineers. A consultant engineer communicates between the client and the contracting engineer. The contracting engineer deals with the physical construction part. A professional who deals with constructing commercial buildings, and with the brand methodology, is called a commercial engineer. He or she ensures the structure becomes a landmark. These professionals have extensive knowledge in their field.
  • Commission Engineering:
Installation of the onsite system is the key role of the commission engineers. They also take care of troubleshooting and client operation training. They write a report and create documents, and also conduct training to ensure the systems work seamlessly. They are engineers, who are qualified in the field of mechanical or electrical engineering, and comprise a part of this job sector.
  • Computation and IT Engineering:
Software engineers are the professionals who write codes for various programmes. They are the ones who make it possible to play games, shop, write, enjoy, have fun and communicate effectively through various devices. They keep the web pages running, facilitate online banking transactions, and do a lot of stuff to enable people to do things online and on computers and mobile phones. The technical engineers in the IT sector take care of the network, and also the hardware task of taking care of the computers.
  • Construction Engineering:
A construction engineer deals with planning the project and directing it. He or she conducts surveys, and makes sure that everything goes as per the plan. He or she is responsible for checking if the plans are implemented flawlessly or not. They also make corrective changes wherever needed.
  • Design Engineer:
A graduate from the disciplines of mechanical, computer, civil, and electrical engineering can opt to be a design engineer. Also, he or she must have innovative thinking, as this sector deals with coming up with new and unique ideas.
  • Electrical Engineering:
Electrical systems play a vital role in buildings, power plants, transportation systems and in construction projects as well. Right from the designing of the electrical system to the wiring, the electrical engineers need to ensure full power supply and ensure safety as well.
  • Electronics Engineering:
Making use of the intricacies of electronics is the key here. Designing and testing the circuits, and digital devices is the role of an electric engineer.
Other popular domains include mechanical engineering, marine engineering, petroleum, oil and gas engineering; telecom engineering etc. to name a few. While these are a few prominent domains in the engineering job sector, there are a few lesser-known options as well like environmental engineering.

Skills required to become an engineer:
When you want to become an engineer in any field, here are a few must-have skills:
  • A degree of engineering in the relevant discipline is mandatory. For instance, IT engineering for a software professional, civil engineering for a construction engineering professional, and mechanical or automotive engineering for those into the automobile industry.
  • Analytical bend of mind. An engineer needs to come up with the usage of the possible resources with minimum cost.
  • Ability to withstand pressure, and work for longer hours
  • Basic computer skills for engineers apart from those in IT and computer engineering. For automobile and mechanical engineers, CAD, AutoCAD, and relevant programming knowledge is a great plus.
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Excellent eye to detail
  • Strong communication skills
  • People management skills
  • Time management skills.
Job designations in the engineering job sector:
  1. Sr. Engineer
  2. Manager (for all engineering domains)
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